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Richard Merbler

Richard Merbler Certified Advanced Rolfer In Dallas

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Rolfing Structural Integration is a holistic approach focusing on the connective tissues (fascia) of the body to improve posture, reduce pain, and enhance overall wellness. Unlike traditional massage that primarily aims to relax muscles, Rolfing works to align and balance the body’s structure within gravity, offering long-term benefits beyond temporary relief.

Your first session will begin with a brief consultation to discuss your health history and goals. During the session, you may be asked to stand, sit, or move as the practitioner observes your posture and movement patterns. The hands-on work is performed on a massage table, with the practitioner applying pressure to release tension in the fascia. Communication is encouraged to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

While many clients notice improvements after just a few sessions, Rolfing is traditionally offered in a series of ten sessions, each focusing on different parts of the body. This series is designed to systematically improve overall structure and function. However, the total number of sessions can vary based on individual needs and goals. Some people choose to continue with maintenance sessions to sustain their results.


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